I’ve got my degree in Social Communications - Journalism on my early twenties. For about fourteen years, I worked for Brazilian magazines, websites and newspapers. As a reporter, I used to spent my days writing lifestyle stories, travel stories, food stories, business stories… Until the day those stories pushed me to write a new one for myself. So I moved everything, leaving a super nice home-sweet-home in Curitiba to a box-size studio in Paris. It was 2011’s springtime. The flowers were blossoming and so my desire to understand the new world around me. Photography, an old passion, came naturally as an option to register this challenging moment. As I kept working as a press correspondent, photography start growing as a way of living to finally become a full-time job. Since 2012, I develop personal projects in which I tend to look at local cultures and question contemporary lifestyle and stereotype issues. 

Currently based in Berlin.
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